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Besides all the services we offer – it is the people and their dedication to the job that make a project successful. Our highly motivated team can look back on many years of experience in tour operation and incoming, hotel industry and event organization. Over the last few years, we have built up strong relationships with business partners in Germany and Austria. 

Find out more about the colleagues who are helping you with whatever you need.

Office Hamburg, Germany

Wenche R Werner - Managing Director
Wenche R Werner

Managing Director


for Sales & Marketing 

Wenche is Norwegian and has been working 25 years in the travel business. It all started working as guide for Tjæreborg Reiser. After returning to Norway she learned the hotel business step by step and worked for different hotel chains, whereof 12 years for the Radisson SAS Hotels in Norway. The last six years as Senior Sales Manager in Norway working with international customers, finally brought her to Hamburg where she was Director of Sales MICE for Northern Germany before starting INBOUND Services.

Languages: German, English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, French
Jens Blaumeier - Managing Director
Jens Blaumeier

Managing Director, DMCP

Responsible for Project Management

& Administration

Jens studied tourism and economy in Germany and France while doing a two year Management Trainee Program at Tjaereborg in Germany. After being Product Manager and hotel contractor for a German tour operator for Spain, he changed to be Marketing Manager for Hurtigruten/The Norwegian Coastal Voyage, where he was responsible for all marketing and product activities in the German market for 7 years, before starting INBOUND Services. Since 2010, he also is vice president of the BVDIU - the Federal Association of German Incoming Companies.

Languages: German, English, Norwegian, French, Spanish

Michaela Derferd - Senior Project Manager
Michaela Derferd

Senior Project Manager

After studying Scandinavian languages at Freie Universtität in Berlin Michaela started working in the tourism sector. First at a publisher for cycling travels, then as tour guide for cycling travels in Northern Europa and Great Britian. Starting at Inbound Services in 2007 as project manager, she is today responsible for the product management, too. Always keen to know what’s going on in the different destinations in Germany, she develops new and exciting products.
Favorite destination at Inbound Services: trendy capital city Berlin, spa town Wiesbaden and wine-growing area Rheingau.

Languages: German,English, Swedish
Finn Oelsner - Senior Project Manager
Finn Oelsner

Head of Office Hamburg

Senior Sales & Project Manager

Finn started working at the Radisson SAS hotel chain in Hamburg Germany by doing a 3 years training. After gaining work experience in Germany he wanted to broaden his mind and decided to change within the hotel chain to Stockholm, Sweden. While working within the hotel business in Sweden, Finn studied the Swedish language and learned a lot about the culture. Two years later, Finn returned to Germany and changed to the Kempinski Hotel Chain where he worked for two years within the individual and group booking department. Since July 2008 Finn is working at INBOUND Services as Project Manager and is supporting Wenche with Sales activities.

Languages: German, English, Swedish
Katrin Voelkner - Project Manager
Katrin Voelkner

Senior Project Manager

Having spent every summer holiday in Scandinavia, Katrin were already influenced by the Scandinavian culture in her childhood. With this background it was obvious to spend a year in Norway after finishing her training as a bookseller. Back in Germany, Katrin decided to study Scandinavian languages in Hamburg and made her first experiences in the tourism sector by working as a tour guide for Hurtigruten. After some detours where she gained knowledge in team-assistance, she is very happy to be back in Scandinavian surroundings and be a part of the team of INBOUND Services.

Languages: German, English, Norwegian

Christiane Pflaum - Project Manager
Christiane Pflaum

Project & Product Manager

Christiane was born in Dortmund. Spending her childhood holidays traveling round Germany, she got a good impression of many destinations. After finishing school Christiane took off for Ireland, to work as an au-pair. Back in Germany she started an apprenticeship in tourism at the Starnberger See in Bavaria, before moving to Hamburg for studying hotel business administration and working in one of Hamburg`s leading 5-star-hotels. Christiane started working at INBOUND Services as Junior Project Manager in December 2014 and is happy to present her home country.

Languages: German, English
Franka Rudolph- Project Manager
Franka Rudolph

Project Manager

After graduating university Franka moved to Hamburg and started at INBOUND Services in March 2012. She grew up close to the Baltic Sea, not far away from Sweden, where she spent many holidays. During her Scandinavian studies and some traineeships in international companies, she gained much economic knowledge and experience in dealing with people from different cultures. Combining her affinity for Scandinavian languages and for the tourism sector - that´s what Franka likes best about being a Project Manager at our company.

Languages: German, English, Swedish
Judith Erdmann - Junior Project Manager
Judith Erdmann

Project Manager

Judith went to school in Greifswald where she learned Swedish for seven years. After she finished school she started working in a small hotel at the Northern Sea in Büsum, Germany by doing a 3 years training. Then she moved to Hamburg and worked for different hotels and restaurants to improve her skills. Within this time she did a 9 month break traveling to Australia to discover its culture and getting new work experiences. When she came back to Germany she worked for two and a half year as a chief assistant in a restaurant before she decides to join our team July 2018.

Languages: German, English, Swedish

Susanne Scheller
Susanne Scheller

Accounting & Office Management

With a danish Grandmother Susanne had always a connection to Scandinavia and spent many holidays there.
After getting her education in a hotel she worked in different places and changed than to the publishing industry.
At the end of the last century she spent a year in New Zealand and Australia working in a friends café and traveling. Coming back to Germany and after her maternity she started working for a multimedia office with focus on motorsport and press work as a Team-Assistant . In July 2015 she started as assistant of the Office Management at INBOUND Services.

Language: German, English

Office Berlin, Germany

Maika Marrot - Senior Project Manager
Maika Marrot

Head of Office Berlin

Senior Project Manager

Maika grew up at the Baltic Sea and spent a lot of time of her childhood and study period in Norway. After school she started to study Geography and Scandinavian Studies in Greifswald. During that time she got interested in the tourism industry and decided to study tourism in Lillehammer for one year. She gained practical experiences during her internships at the “Norwegian Polar Institute”, “Innovation Norway” and within the field of consultancy for tourism. As Maika is interested in working with Scandinavian customers within the tourism sector she finally started at Inbound Services in May 2012.

Languages: German, English, Norwegian, French

Office Vienna, Austria

Boris Blazic - Senior Project Manager
Boris Blazic

Head of Office Vienna

Senior Project Manager

Norwegian music, Danish design, Bullerbyn, IKEA, meatballs and seemingly endless forests – all these are terms well-known in Austria. Boris wanted to go to the bottom of these stereotypes and studied Scandinavian Studies in Vienna, expanded his field of knowledge on the Baltic Sea region and spends his holidays mostly in the Nordic countries. About Vienna, he loves the special impolite friendliness of the people, good food and the vineyards within the city.

Languages: German, English, Swedish, Danish
Theresa Kases - Junior Project Manager
Theresa Kases

Project Manager

Theresa is a language enthusiast who studied Scandinavian Studies in Vienna and learned to love the international working environment during their 2 years of studying International Relations in Budapest. Apart from spending a whole lot of time in Scandinavia for educational and private purposes Theresa enjoys learning new languages and working on different projects. Theresa’s experience in project management and passion for Scandinavia and its languages ties in perfectly with their position as Junior Project Manager at INBOUND Services since summer 2018.

Languages: German, English, Norwegian, Swedish
Sabina Leo - Junior Project Manager
Sabina Leo

Project Manager

Sabina grew up in Slovakia in a bilingual family. She always wanted to learn new languages, so after finishing German high school she decided to move to Vienna to study Scandinavian Studies at the University of Vienna. She likes the Scandinavian mentality and the German accuracy - plus she likes to travel, so after graduating she started looking for a job to merge these attributes and started working as Junior Project Manager for INBOUND Services.

Languages: German, English, Swedish, Slovak

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