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It is that time of the year again! The cold white arrived, turning everything into a winter wonderland. Snowy mountains, magical icy landscapes and cold temperatures – while some curl up in the warmth under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, others cannot wait to wax their skis, get outside into the powder snow and race down the slopes.

The only difference this year is that we will most likely all just stay in the warmth. At the moment, ski resorts in Austria and Germany are not open due to the ongoing pandemic and it might happen that they will not open at all in this winter season.



While that is sad for a lot of people who love their annual ski trips, there is still a reason to be excited: You will for sure enjoy next year’s winter season even more! Imagine that great moment when you are finally able to put on the ski shoes again to get some adrenaline, appreciate the beautiful winter landscape and have an amazing time with your friends and colleagues. And a great plus is, that there is enough time to plan out an unforgettable ski trip.


Where to go?

There is nothing more exciting than to check out different ski destinations all over the world to find the best slopes, the most fun and the greatest memories. For many, that means the Alps because even the sport itself – alpine skiing – is named after the central European mountain range. When thinking about the Alps, many minds quickly turn to Austria, the leading nation in alpine skiing. But which ski destinations are worth travelling there?


Two thirds of Austria are covered by mountains, so there are more than enough places to go. Additionally, Austria even has the most ski resorts in the alpine region. Yet, many people only think of the most famous ski resorts such as St. Anton, Ischgl or Sölden – but the truth is, these are overrun and overhyped. Besides expensive accommodation, few available rooms and endless crowds of people, it is often impossible to get rooms for just a few nights instead of a whole week. Additionally, bookings for peak season pretty much happen one year in advance and make availability difficult – especially in large quantities as needed for group travel. There are so many other options for ski trips in Austria that are worth checking out.


Which to choose?

While there are countless ski resorts, we tend to go back to the same winter destinations – depending on the group – time and time again as they are the best ones in our eyes. Here are our Top 5 picks we recommend most of the time:


Kitzbühel just has to be on this list. A great and picturesque town with amazing atmosphere and considered to be one of the best ski resorts in the world. The destination gets lots of hype yet is still one of the more affordable ski regions. Besides over 180 km of great ski slopes and guaranteed snow until late March the resort is well-known for its legendary Après Ski. A great plus of the destination is that it is not too far from the international airport Munich and therefore the transfer to the ski destination does not get too tedious. A great destination for everyone who wants the full Austrian ski experience but especially Après Ski lovers.


Wilder Kaiser, on the other hand, is a more casual but huge ski resort and lesser-known. Here, the focus is definitely on winter sports rather than Après Ski and the ski resort does not fall short on options with more than 280 km of ski slopes and Austria’s biggest area for night skiing. Additionally, the destination has a long season with snow guaranteed until mid-March and scores with the international airport Munich not too far away for easy accessibility. With affordable prices and good availability as great assets this ski resort is a good fit for those who want to stand on their skis all day and night!


Zell am See/Kaprun is a smaller resort with 130 km of slopes in total but probably the most magnificent destination out of all of these. The lovely town Zell am See lies on the shore of a lake in between mountains and stuns everyone with its beauty. The ski resort impresses with a glacier full of slopes and shines with affordable hotel prices but the snow melts quickly here so it is better for trips earlier in the season. The region is best accessible via Salzburg airport since the airport Munich is already quite far off but absolutely worth a visit. Panorama junkies are in good hands here!


Innsbruck is not the typical ski destination everyone thinks about but exciting, nonetheless. The Tyrolean city – also called “capital of the Alps” – combines city tour with ski trip in a seamless way. A great time up in the mountains during the day and sightseeing and city life at night. A charming old town and urban atmosphere with access to many different ski resorts via free ski busses within only 20-40 minutes. The hotels here are much less costly than in the typical winter destinations and the city has its own airport as well as relatively short transfer times from the international airport Munich. A great choice for a modern take on the classic ski trip with a lot of variety!


Garmisch-Partenkirchen is actually not in Austria. But it is the most famous ski resort in Germany and former host of the Winter Olympics and therefore belongs on that list too. Compared to the ski resorts in Austria it is smaller with around 60 km of slopes but still a great pick because of the town’s wonderful atmosphere and the amount of sightseeing and winter activities that can be done here besides skiing. A special mention has to be the Zugspitze – Germany’s highest mountain – where you can ski or just enjoy the breathtaking view from the viewing platform on the summit. With low prices and the closest proximity to the international airport Munich, this destination is best for short and more laid-back ski trips or a winter activity weekend!


What to do?

Although we might have to wait for next year’s winter season to carve our lines into the snow and enjoy an icy trip, there is no better time than now to plan ahead! Turn your comeback into a great ski trip that you will remember for a lifetime.

If you are still unsure which ski resorts fits best for your needs, let us do the work for you and send us a request – no matter if it is for a specific group or just a general question, we are happy to provide our knowledge and expertise!
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