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Hamburg is Germany’s green city on the waterfront and is well known for its night life district Reeperbahn and of course its spectacular harbor scenery.

The city is very diverse and no area and attraction is the same, such as Alster lake and Elbe,  Hafen City and Speicherstadt, Elbphilarmonie and Reeperbahn, Neuer Wall for luxury shopping and upcoming designers in Schanzenviertel.

And Hamburg also offers many ways for a sustainable stay with a green footprint!

Sustainable Hotels

Your guest want to stay in hotels which care about the environment and act in a sustainable way? Then Hamburg is the right place to go! Many hotels are certified by labels like green Globe or Certified Green hotels to show and proof their responsibility about our environment. And we sure can help you finding those!


Sustainable Restaurants

Regional and organic products are a trend in German cuisine and many restaurants in Hamburg offer organic and regional food. Most products come from the surrounding area and the restaurants have specialized in local menus and sustainable dining with seasonal products.


Sustainable Team Activities

A new and interesting way to experience the city with a sustainable effect is an Eco-Tabtour. Teams have to solve exciting tasks and "trash-missions" on the topic of sustainability to collect awareness points with their IPads. In addition, as much plastic waste as possible is to be collected during the tour. There will be an exchange of ideas with experts and interesting facts for a sustainable lifestyle are presented.

Judith, our Project Manager, recommends:

Summer in Hamburg means sun and fun and water. And there is no better way to relax and to discover the city with a canoe tour along the Alster canals.


While slowly paddling on the canals, one passes the posh areas of Hamburg and can look right into the gardens of luxurious villas. Along the way are many restaurants and bars to “ship in” and take a drink on the go. Sure a relaxing way to see Hamburg from a very different side.



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