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Düsseldorf, DMC Düsseldorf, Germany
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Düsseldorf is a city for business, leisure and shopping activities, located in the Rhine area. The modern highlight is the Media Harbor with its contemporary architecture. As exhibition city Düsseldorf has lots of international visitors.

From small town to capital
Although Düsseldorf is only the fourth largest city of North Rhine Westphalia, it was appointed on 20 July 1946 the state capital. The reason: Düsseldorf was less damaged by the war than Cologne and most of the other Ruhr areas.
Incidentally, with the appointment of Düsseldorf as state capital, the rivalry with the neighbouring city of Cologne is justified.
The leaning tower of Düsseldorf
From afar, the tower of the St. Lambertus Church stands out: the top of the tower is twisted in itself.
After a fire in 1815, the spire was renewed. As probably too fresh and therefore damp wood was used in the construction, the roof twisted. When the roof had to be renewed after the Second World War, it was rebuilt twisted at the request of the population. Sometimes this is why we speak of the "leaning tower of Düsseldorf".

Dress to impress
One of Germany’s wealthiest cities, Düsseldorf is also one of the country’s most fashion-conscious destinations. Although torn denim and sneakers are more acceptable attire today than they were just a few years ago, there is still an unwritten dress code in many establishments. If you’re headed to the Oper am Rhein or embarking on a shopping spree on the Kö, make sure to dress the part or risk being turned away at the door.

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Shopping on Königsallee, the “Kö” – spend all your money or leave it with window shopping. See expensive cars and watch the high society. Afterwards enjoy a cold “Altbier” (literally old beer) in the old town – that’s a perfect day!

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