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Frankfurt am Main, DMC Frankfurt, Germany
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As financial capital and home of the largest airport in Germany, Frankfurt is often seen as a pure business city with international reputation. Still, beeing a small big city, Frankfurt is full of surprises and kept the charm of a small town perfectly with its traditions and local specialities.

Frankfurt is Mainhatten
Located at the river Main, the city hosts 14 of the top 15 tallest skyscrapers in Germany. That’s why the city is even called “Mainhattan”.  The tallest of these is the Commerzbank tower which stands at 260 meters tall. The tower was built in 1997 and is to this day one of the tallest office buildings in Europe.
Home of Goethe
The giant of German literature was born in Frankfurt in 1749  and spent his early life there, returning many times throughout his lifetime. Many of his greatest works were written in Frankfurt, including perhaps his most popular novel, 'The sorrows of young Werther', written in 1774. The house where Goethe was born can still be visited today and offers interesting impressions of the family and their life.
A new Old Town
Frankfurt is reclaiming an integral part of its rich and colorful history: After years of construction, the new old town between Römer City Hall and Emperors' Cathedral is completed. Frankfurt's reconstructed old town is nestled in the heart of the city center and surprises with half-timbered houses in the new DomRömer quarter.

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Tip: Foodie paradise at Kleinmarkthalle
160 market stalls spread out over 1,500 square meters sell fresh prepared food, products and flowers, many of them from regional producers. From cured meats and wine to honey, dried fruit, nuts, handmade pasta and cheese, just about every craving is satisfied at this food-lovers paradise. Try one of the 200 kind of cheese from “Käse Thomas” and a glass of wine from the local vineyard “Rollanderhof” and just enjoy the special atmosphere where the locals, chefs and  foodies meet.

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