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Vienna is not a hidden secret any more! Top rated for living quality, the city at the Danube river has a lot to offer for visitors. The mix of modern lifestyle and historic tradition consists in a very charming way and typical Viennaise style.

A successful failure 
The snow globe was invented in Austria in 1900 when Erwin Perzy was trying to improve on the light bulb. He added water and semolina flakes to the bulb in the hopes that it would produce a brighter effect. This effort was not a success, but it did produce a rather pleasing effect, and the result is today known as the snow globe.
On the dancefloor
Vienna hosts over 400 balls every year in the ball season which is from November to February. Balls have strict dress codes, and shops in Vienna are bulging with ball gowns for the ladies and tuxedos for the gentlemen. The most prominent of these is the Vienna Opera Ball, hosted at the National Opera, with approximately 5000 visitors, international stars and a live TV broadcast! 
The most liveable city
For 10 years straight, Vienna has had the top score for quality of living by Mercer studies and the last two years by The Economist. That Vienna is a great city to live in is of course old news to Viennese, who in spite of reaping the benefits of living in the most livable city in the world love to complain!

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Tip: Team Building Extreme - Ziplining in the treetops of Kahlenberg
At Waldseilpark just behind Kahlenberg in the outskirts of Vienna there is a large zip lining course with many different tracks and various degrees of difficulty. This is the perfect tip for a group wanting to bond as a team! Flying through treetops of up to 20 metres - a great nature experience with fun factor! 

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