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1,200 years of tradition and world openness characterize Bremen, the hanseatic city at the river Weser. The old trading town with its historic center around the market square has a flair of a young metropolis. Bremen offers many small narrow streets, nice cafés and restaurants and invites to a great sightseeing walk. There is a lot to discover!

World's largest assortment of German wines

Under the town hall is a vault, which is used as a council cellar. It contains 650 different wines from the 13 German wine-growing regions, as well as the oldest wine from the wood of the country. In addition to a guided tour, it is also possible to taste the finest wines.


Singing manhole cover

The "Bremer Loch" is a manhole cover with a slot for money coins. After some throw-ins the sounds of the Bremen Town Musicians are heard. The proceeds go to social projects.


The "spit stone"

The stone is an unremarkable dark stone square which is placed in the pavement of the cathedral courtyard. The stones remind of the murderer Gesche Gottfried, who poisoned 15 people in Bremen. The stone marks the place where she was executed for her actions. Out of disgust about her crime, the inhabitants spit on the stones until today.

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The most beautiful part of Bremen is the "Schnoor". The “Schnoor” is one of the oldest quarters of the city and was formerly inhabited by sailors. In the quarter are many individual shops for jewellery, handicrafts, design or chocolates as well as nice little cafés. But also a simple walk through the car-free streets is worthwhile, because the old houses have their own charm.

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