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Cologne, Germany, NRW
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“Kölle Alaaf” – this is the typical cheer during carnival in Cologne, the old city at the river Rhine. The “fith season” starts in November and has its peak on Rosenmontag in February. Grown men dressed like princesses are dancing arm in arm with frogs and super heroes, as everyone goes wild on the streets and in the many pubs of the city.

Cologne football is first league again

This week Cologne football team 1. FC Köln has secured first place in Germanys second football league. From next season on, Cologne will be playing in the first league against Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Schalke.


A very special beer-culture

“Kölsch” is only allowed to be brewed in the region of Cologne. Luckily, there are several breweries, which produce it and are open for visits and tastings. The beer is always served in small glasses of 0,2 l and waiters will not stop serving until telling them to do so.


Free living parrots in the city centre

Cologne is the home of more than a thousand free living parrots. The birds escaped the zoo of Cologne during the 1960’s and still breed in the city. Therefore, it is not unusual to see or hear the Indian parrots, when strolling around the old town of Cologne.

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Enjoy a walk through the Belgian Quarter, which is one of the more trendy neighborhoods of Cologne.

Explore the shops selling everything from used records to high-end fashion. After the shopping tour, drink a typical “Kölsch” for the perfect evening beginning.

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