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Innsbruck, Austria, Cityview
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Innsbruck is especially known as a ski destination, with nine ski regions and over 280 kilometers of slope in close proximity. Innsbruck is the perfect destination for winter and summer, for active holidays and those who want to enjoy the advantages of a city in the Alps.

Things you always wanted to know...

The Golden Roof - landmark of the city

Many people stand in front of the Golden Roof and miscount again and again. How many shingles does the roof really have? Here is the solution: The Golden Roof consists of a total of 2.657 golden shingles.


Subway under the city?!

Cyclists complain about the many tram tracks in Innsbruck. The proposal to "remove" the tram tracks and to build a subway is unfortunately impossible. Innsbruck was built on gravel and debris and if a subway was to be built, the city could collapse.


The Christmas tree tradition comes from Innsbruck

Where does the tradition of the Christmas trees come from? Of course from Innsbruck! In the beginning of the 1860s, the confectioner Johann Nepomuk Munding (owner of the first confectionery café in Innsbruck) placed a small decorated Christmas tree in his display and started the Christmas tree boom.

Boris recommends:


Boris, our Senior Project Manager, recommends:

From the city center of Innsbruck you are only 20 minutes away from Alpine wilderness. Take the funicular from the medieval center directly up to Nordkette. On a height of approximately 1.900m you will enjoy your coffee on the sunny terrace of the restaurant Seegrube with a tremendous view over the city. A breathtaking and unique Alpine experience, which combinies everything possible in this great city.

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