3 things you always wanted to know about DRESDEN

Dresden, Germany, Elbe
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The city at the river Elbe is also known as Florence of the Elbe, due to its many Italian style buildings from the time when Dresden was the richest capital of the kingdom Saxonia. It is a green and lush city, which is dominated by the river Elbe and its green meadows along the river banks and the Frauenkirche, which has been completely rebuilt the last years.

Things you always wanted to know...

Dresden owns the oldest steamboat in the world

Sächsische Dampfschiffahrt or White Fleet, with its headquarter in Dresden, is regarded as the oldest and largest paddle steamer fleet in the world. The ships depart from Dresden and sail through Saxon Switzerland to the Czech Republic.

Christmas market with its own currency

Dresdens “Striezelmarkt” is not only the oldest Christmas market of Germany, but also has its own currency! Visitors can pay with the “Striezeltaler” at every stand and ride of the market since 2014. The “Striezeltaler” will be designed differently for every year.

The world’s biggest picture made of porcelain
The “Fürstenzug” is a larger than life picture, which shows a cavalcade over a length of 102 meters. 25.000 tiles of Meißener porcelain have been used to create this unique artwork, which are absolutely worth a visit!

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Olivia, our Marketing Manager, lived for three years in Dresden for her studies. She enjoyed a lot of her free-time relaxing at the "Elbufer". It is a green place near the river Elbe, directly in the city. Also you can ride your bike along the river and discover the unique nature with wine region.

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