Culinary diversity of Graz

Graz is the capital of the Austrian region Styria. The city is well known for its old town and its diverse traditional food and beverage scene. Life in Graz is a little slower and more relaxed than in Vienna – the city has almost a Mediterranean feeling with its small streets and little places.


Since Graz is surrounded by beautiful nature and agricultural land it is no surprise that visitors can enjoy all these influences in the restaurants, bars, pubs, cafés and wineries.



Discover on different tours the culinary diversity of Graz and the Styria region:

Graz Old Town
© Österreich Werbung - Volker Preusser

Franz Bauer Distillery

Strong liquors are produced here to the highest quality standards. The tour through the Bauer distillery opens up one of Europe’s most modern bonded distilleries to visitors, who get to see where traditional distilling skills meet.


FLECK’s beer

The guided tour is nothing less than a brilliant brewery show with musical accompaniment – a truly memorable experience. The show ends with a tasting of all of the FLECK’s beer specialties in the comfortable atmosphere of the tasting room.


Vulcano ham manufacture

Participants will discover everything about this delicatessen ham on the tour; the production, processing and maturing techniques are all explained. And it is not all just for looking at. The participants can taste the great ham from the Vulcano ranges!


Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Theatre is the name of the tour, and this lively show will take the visitors through the world of chocolate – over 160 varieties are waiting for trying. At the interactive nibbles station, the favorite chocolate drink of the participants is brought to them in the world’s tiniest ski lift cable car. The visitors also learn a great deal about chocolate, this food of the gods.


Pirker’s erLebzelterei

The Manufacture Handmade Gingerbread is specialized in delicious traditional handmade gingerbread – the world famous “Lebkuchen”. Visitors can enjoy taking in a wealth of information about the fascinating story of gingerbread. It is an experience to cherish – and of course, to taste – as the visitors pass through all the interesting and colorful baking stages.

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