Vienna - Klosterneuburg

Vienna – a city with more than 1.8 million inhabitants – provides residents and visitors with green spaces that take up more than half of the metropolitan area. Almost 300 parks and the amazing 21 km long Danube Island offer a unique recreational area. The wine regions within the city limits are close and the neighboring villages such as Klosterneuburg are just about 20 km from the center of Vienna.

All these are good reasons to discover Vienna by bike. For those who are looking for a more intense bike experience, a tour to Klosterneuburg Monastery includes all the best of Vienna and its surroundings.



© Michael Techany - Klosterneuburg
© Michael Techany - Klosterneuburg

A little fitness:  The way to Klosterneuburg and back again is about 40 km long, so participants do something for their fitness.
A little sightseeing:  The participants are picked up directly at their hotel and on the way to the river Danube they experience all the famous sights on the way.
A little water: The way goes on along the river Danube. Wonderful views, the unique Danube Island and the conclusion that Vienna is not located on flat terrain.
A little mountain: Once arrived in Klosterneuburg the way ascends to the imposing Klosterneuburg Monastery. Breathtaking in every way.
A little history: The legend says that Margrave Leopold III founded Klosterneuburg Monastery at the site where he found the veil of his wife. Since then Klosterneuburg Monastery developed into a religious, scientific, cultural and economic center.
A little cellar:  Today Klosterneuburg Monastery is Austria’s biggest wine producer and a short tour through the wine cellars give an impressive insight on the professionalism behind the traditional monastery walls.
A little lunch:  The restaurant nearby serves typical Austrian meals.
A little tasting:  In the monastery’s own tasting room, visitors have the possibility to taste different wines and of course take a tour through the shop.
A little descend:  After the tasting, it is already time to say goodbye to the wonderful place of Klosterneuburg, ride down the hill and back along the Danube.
A short stop:  Before the day is over the bikes will climb up a little hill on more time to a traditional wine tavern – a “Heurigen” Getting some snacks at the buffet, enjoying the wonderful wines and the tremendous views over the river Danube.
A short end:  Some days should never end, but even this one has to. Leaving behind a lot of impressions for all senses and of course memories that are kept forever.

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