Welcome the new landmark of Hamburg: The Elbphilarmonie!

It is finally done! It almost took 10 years to build the new sign of Hamburg: The Elbphilarmonie – and today is the big day of the opening! In a ceremonial act with a great light show and an opening concert the concert hall will be opened today.


The Elbphilharmonie is more than an impressive and modern concert hall. The 5-star hotel "The Westin Hamburg" with its 244 rooms, meeting facilities, restaurant and bar is located there as well.


Between the old warehouse and the new glass structure, a plaza of about 4.000 m² has been built at 37 meters high, which is open to the public and offering a spectacular view of the city and the harbor.

Elbphilarmonie Hamburg, Hafenciy, Germany
Foto: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Maxim Schulz

Some facts of the Concert hall:


The Elbphilharmonie is to be one of the best concert halls in the world. The large concert hall, the heart of the new building, accommodates about 2,100 visitors. It is 25 meters high and built according to the vineyard principle. The orchestra and the conductor are surrounded by crowds around the audience. In the hall is a four-manual organ with 65 registers. Concertgoers have access to a roof terrace at a height of 75 meters.


In addition to the Grand Concert Hall, there are two other halls: the Small Hall seats 550 people and is used, among other things, for chamber music. A third room in the interior of the historical Kaispeicher is designed for experimental music: the so-called Kaistudio 1 with 150 seats also serves as a rehearsal room for orchestras and choirs.

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