Unique & exclusive locations: The National Museums in Berlin

The National Museums at the Museum Island are the perfect spot for exclusive celebrations, special meetings or high-class dinners directly in the heart of the capital.


The unique collection of museums on Berlin Museum Island, with its five temple-like buildings, houses treasures from 6,000 years of human history. Elevated to UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999, and located in Berlin's historical center, the complex is the centerpiece of the city's museum network and is Europe's largest cultural investment project.


Choose these unrivaled locations and host your event at one of the most famous places in Berlin! The venues offer historic rooms for your exclusive event.


Two of the outstanding museums on the Museums Island are:


Bode-Museum - with its three rooms for venues:

Basilika: Dinner up to 140; reception up to 200 persons

Foyer: Reception up to 300 persons

Gobelin hall: Meetings up to 100 persons

National museums Berlin, unique and exclusive locations
© David von Becker

Neues Museum - with its two rooms for venues:

Foyer 1: Dinner up to 50 persons, reception up to 80 persons

Foyer 2: Receptions up to 100 persons


There is the possibility to arrange exclusive guided tours in combination with the evening event though all National Museums in Berlin.

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