Craft beer breweries vs. German beer tradition

The craft beer revolution takes over Germany and brings a new twist to the traditional German beer culture!

It took a good while for German brewers to hop onto the craft beer trend, but now the revolution is taking place! In all bigger cities craft beer breweries welcome their guests with a wide range of craft beers. These microbreweries are the perfect location to learn more about craft beers and different sort of beers: Guided tours with beer tasting can be booked and give you a lot of background information of the history of craft beer and give you the chance to choose our favorite one!


Two of the nicest craft beer breweries can be found in Berlin and Hamburg:

Craft beer in Hamburg, Berlin (Germany)
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Ratsherren brewery and Altes Mädchen restaurant in Hamburg


A combination of brewery and a restaurant is located in the famous quarter “Schanze”, one of the scene-districts of Hamburg.

The neighborhood of Ratsherren brewery and Altes Mädchen restaurant combines beer and food experience on a relaxed level. After a guided tour with beer tasting at the brewery, one can enjoy food that goes best along with national and international craft beers. The restaurant offers large terrace and three event rooms suitable for up to 170 guests. Different events are possible, like a brewery tour, a beer tasting with a beer sommelier or a 5-course-menu with fitting craft beers. Twice a year the brewery invites to the summer and winter craft beer days.


New - Stone Brewing in Berlin


This new and state of the art brewery and restaurant is located in an old renovated gas building, which is reconstructed to one of the most beautiful restaurants – the “Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Berlin”. The adjacent outdoor area is not just a garden it is a landscape, which is a unique oasis to chill and relax.

The restaurant will show inside 800 and outside 500 seats and a main bar with 94 beers on tap is waiting for you. Different areas and rooms offer capacity for exclusive rent, i.e. the library bar for max. 70 persons with a bar offering 24 taps. A great place to be in Berlin and enjoy a modern and trendy atmosphere while experiencing beer brewing, tasting good food and beer among friends.

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