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Enjoy autumn in all its colors - Vintage in Wachau


The wine region Wachau, only one hour from Vienna, with its wonderfully idyllic nature, is ideal for hiking and exploring the Austrian wine culture.


Award-winning wines and multifaceted enjoyment, from cozy wine taverns to gourmet feasts, from culture and the long tradition of wine production to modern tasting rooms. Fantastic vineyards in the hills along the Danube and of course the river Danube itself that influences this region most regarding the climate and the landscape.

Destination Management Wachau (Vienna)
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The wine autumn on the Danube is a blaze of color, reminiscent of an Indian summer and offers many opportunities to explore the wines of the region.Wine-festivals invite visitors to taste different varieties and specifications of regional wines while walking through the small streets with wine cellars to the left and right. Guided hiking tours through vineyards help to better understand wine and its particular expression.


Wine is drinkable even during the process of fermentation. During this process it’s called "Sturm" (storm) and tastes slightly sweet and rough. The next level in the evolution of wine is the still unfiltered "Staubiger" (dusty). From the end of October the first young wines can be tasted.

Grüner Veltliner and Riesling are the main grapes grown in that region, but even grapes like Neuburger, Sauvignon Blanc or Muskateller of real high quality can be found here. To taste a Riesling “Smaragd” from Wachau – a powerful reserve and noble aged wine of high quality while sitting on a terrace in the warming autumn sun, overlooking the unique landscape of Danube valley Wachau is a moment that lasts even longer than the subtle flavor notes of the wine on the palate of the connoisseur.


A region with such a long, venerable history of wine has a lot to offer to provide visitors with a value-added experience. A visit to Loisium Cellar World offers the possibility to follow the way of grapes as they slowly become wine. Visitors take the elevator down to the cellar, the same way as grapes getting pressed, and walk through the entire process until the final product – the wine emerges. Surrounded by the modern architecture of this “museum” a wine tasting completes the experience.


Wine baptisms, wine seminars and special wine experiences make fall the most exciting season in the Danube region Wachau.

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