Barkassen rallye (launch rallye)

The inventive Barkassen treasure hunt in the Port of Hamburg!


Tricky questions have to be solved with an iPad at worth seeing places all around the port of Hamburg.


The Barkassen rallye is an activating group event: At leisurely speed the Barkasse (launch) will take the group from one quiz-spot to another, where puzzles pop up.

Barkassen rallye
© GEO°BOUND Hamburg UG

The same-sized teams need to be on the ball and make sure that the opponents don’t spy and possibly copy solutions.

In addition special tasks, adapted to a maritime theme, need to be solved – on board and on land. Team spirit is required, since each team would like to win the competition and finish at the very top of the podium.


For further information please contact Wenche R. Werner: