David Bowie Music Tour

Experience an exciting and exclusive multimedia tour through Bowie’s Berlin.


David Bowie and Berlin is a long and intense relationship. Discovering the city in the early 1970’s Bowie finally started to work in the city back in 1976 at legendary Hansa Studios together with his mate Iggy Pop. Long time after leaving Berlin in 1978 both artists stay connected with the city.


In late summer 1976 David Bowie started their work at legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin Kreuzberg district - directly at the Berlin Wall in the so called no man’s land. Inspired by the divided city and Berlin’s history, the special location of the studios, effervescent nightlife in former West-Berlin - it all made Bowie produce some of his best work.


In 2013 he dedicates his comeback song “Where are we now” to his personal memories regarding this important period in his life & career.


The Bowie Berlin Tour follows the tracks of Bowie’s and Iggy’s Berlin. For this multimedia bus tour we have extra interviews taken with friends and companions talking about special moments, personal memories and not least also about not insignificant drug problems both artists had back then.

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