Spy Museum in Berlin

On an area of 3000 square meters the Spy Museum offers with more than 350 exhibits a glimpse into the history of espionage as the "second oldest profession in the world".


Starting with the biblical spies in Jericho, over the revelations of Edward Snowden up to the machinations of the US secret service NSA itself entwines a story that the Spy Museum Berlin will tell.


The focus of the exhibition lies on the espionage during the Cold War, when Berlin was the capital of the world of espionage. With touchscreens several interviews with eyewitnesses who spied for both East and West can be accessed.

Spy Museum Berlin
© Spy Museum Berlin

On the first floor the tools of spies are shown: communication via codebooks, one-time pads and of course the Enigma as well as mini-cameras, tape recorders and dead letterboxes. To explore the theme of this unique museum interactively you will find hundreds of touch screens, on which all of the exhibits can be rotated by the visitor, Oculus Rift projections and laser walls.

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