Walking food tours in Germany

Since 2008 eat-the-world gives a unique look behind the scenes of a city with their walking food tours.


Each tour includes delightful samples from classic restaurants to smaller diners, as well as an insight into the city's history, culture, architecture and entertainment.

Experience the cultural and culinary adventure in 20 German cities, e.g.: Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

On each tour you get a personal insight of a certain area of a city - for example:

Food tours

Berlin Friedrichshain - The transformation of the East
Come and see the transformation of Friedrichshain as we take you on a tour of its historic buildings, scenic hangouts, and alternative spots. Sample specialties as diverse as its people: from French to Austrian – and German too – we’ll take you to the best places

Hamburg Grindel quarter - Full of contrasts and steeped in history
Come with us on a ramble through the fascinating Grindel quarter. Once popularly called “little Jerusalem,” the Grindel quarter will open up its history and its culinary treats to us. Together we’ll discover the lively university, opulent villas and small, special shops.


For further information please contact Wenche R. Werner: werner@inbound-services.com

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