Cities and Roundtrips

Find out about our new programs in Germany and Austria!


Our new brochure is available! Get to know the most exciting cities and impressive roundtrips in Germany and Austria:

Top German / Austrian city destinations:

  • Berlin, Hamburg, Munich
  • Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck
  • Christmasmarkets trips

Roundtrips through the most beautiful and historically interesting parts of Gemany:

  • Munich & romantic castles
  • Rheingau & Moselle highlights
  • On the traces of Martin Luther
  • Dresden and Saxony
  • Highlights of the Hanseatic cities


Download our new brochure with all details:
Cities and Roundtrips in Germany and Austria

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All programs are suggestions and can be changed towards clients demands and preferences. Rates are indicated prices and depend on the group size and travel period.


INBOUND Services will be happy to send a precise offer with allotment and travel dates.

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