Old Viennese Schnapsmuseum

Family Fischer owns and operates The Old Viennese Schnapsmuseum already for six generations and gives insight in the tradition of schnapps and liqueur production.


The tour, with an English speaking guide, begins at the office "Comptoir", with original furniture back from 1902. Here participants get to know about the long family tradition and will be transported back in time to the Austrian monarchy.

Hotrod City Tours

In the composition room – the apothecary room in the distillery – the most important facts about schnapps and liqueur are presented in a humorous way. The tour's highlight is the big distillation room with the first steam distillation pan. Here follows the tasting of schnapps and liqueur after the 30 minutes long tour.

Tip: A visit at the distillery can be combined with a trip to Schönbrunn Palace or can be a good start to a nice evening in one of Vienna's “Heurigen” restaurants.

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