Craft Beer & Microbreweries in Vienna

Vienna and wine – everyone knows that this belongs together!

But Vienna and beer? The American wave of Craft Beer production has arrived in Vienna. The hot summer in the Danube metropolis is cooled down with ice cold Indian Pale Ale. Beer lovers can discover the beery side of Vienna. The two great Viennese breweries, the traditional company Ottakringer and Schwechater are known not only beyond the borders of the city, but have also jumped on the train of the little different taste of beer.


The alternative scene starts to develop and small breweries settle down in Vienna. Brew Age is one Austrian start-up brewery with the motto: The highest quality and maximum freshness! The brewers want to provide to the customers unadulterated fresh beer flavor and do that with Pale Ale, Oatmeal Stout or Imperial IPA. Xaver – Die Brauerei offers a wide range of beers, starting with Pale Ale, Stout or Wit Bier - wheat beer and seasonal specialty beers. Try to take yourself an afternoon time to discover different beers and breweries and in the evening you might end up in a brewery inn such as the Siebensternbräu or Fischer Bräu.


Special tours through Vienna‘s world of beer guarantee a relaxing afternoon and impressions of the world of brewing. These tours can be tailored to specific interests and desires.


Not forgetting to mention two big festivals in Vienna, The Brewing Culture Weeks 02.07. – 02.09.2015 at the brewery Ottakringer and of course the Craft Beer Festival in the exciting location at Anker-Expedit-Halle 20.11. – 21.11.2015 with over 70 participating breweries from more than 10 different countries.

Craft Beet Festival
© Craft Beer Festival - Christina Karagiannis
Craft Beet Festival
© Craft Beer Festival - Christina Karagiannis

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