Vienna Beer Festival

Wiener Wiesn Fest

A smaller version of Munich’s world famous Oktoberfest is now also taking place in Vienna. The 5. Wiener Wiesn Fest, as it’s called, takes place from the 24th of September to the 11th of October in Vienna’s Prater. It’s Austria’s biggest folk music and traditional festival and can look back on over 750.000 visitors over the last four years.


What to expect from this festival? Traditional costumes and music with a lot of fun and as much beer as one can drink. On offer are three different beer tents which open at 11.30 am every day.


Visitors have free entry to the beer tents and the whole Wiesn Fest village until 06.30 pm. The Wiesn Fest village offers various booths with artisan goods as well as regional food. Afterwards begins the Wiener Wiesn Fest Party with 3 hour long live music acts every evening.


Experience a mix of down-to-earth folk music and a unique party atmosphere for young and old!


Group packages and table reservations are possible!

Wiener Wiesn Fest
© Wiener Wiesn Fest - Roland Rudolph

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